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General FAQs

1. What is an engineered pipe support?

Engineered Pipe Supports are products used to support or restrain piping systems under sustained, thermal, seismic, and other loading conditions. Examples are Variable Springs, Constant Supports, Sway Struts, and Hydraulic Shock Suppressors. Anvil EPS is a worldwide supplier of these products.

2. Are your Nuclear products qualified to ASME Section III?

Yes – Anvil's pipe supports meet the requirements of ASME Section III Subsection NF and can be supplied under our NQA-1 or 10CFR Part 50 Appendix B Quality System.

See our certificates here.

3. Where can I find Anvil's N-Stamp?

Please see our certificates here.

4. Is Anvil ISO Certified?

Yes, Anvil EPS is ISO 9001-2008 Certified.

5. What if I'm looking for fire protection, pipes, valves, and fittings, or Gruvlok materials?

Please visit out Anvil International Contact page here.

6. Is Anvil EPS active in ASME and MSS code committees?

Anvil EPS participates in the following committees:

MSS Technical Committee 403
ASME O&M Code Subsection ISTD
ASME QME-1 Subcommittee QDR

7. How do I select the proper product?

Engineered pipe support selection is driven by pipe loads and movements at support locations. As a general rule, for large movements or when low variability is required, a Constant Support should be used. For smaller movements, a more economical Variable Spring can be utilized. For deadweight hangers with no movement, hanger rods provide rigid restraint in one direction. Sway Struts provide restraint in two directions. Snubbers allow for thermal growth of the pipe, but provide restraint against seismic or other dynamic forces.

8. What products and services can you supply outside the U.S?

All products and services can be supplied outside the U.S in accordance with U.S. Government regulations and sanctions.

Please contact us with any questions.

9. Where are your engineered products manufactured and shipped from?

Anvil’s Engineered Pipe Supports are manufactured and shipped from Rhode Island, Texas and Tennessee. These three manufacturing facilities occupy approximately 400,000 ft². The Rhode Island division is the primary contact location for all inquiries.

10. When did the sale of Grinnell Supply Sales & Manufacturing take place? Why was there a name change to Anvil?

The distribution and manufacturing operations of the company formerly known as Grinnell Supply Sales became Anvil International, Inc. in August 1999 when those operations were sold by Tyco International. Tyco retained the Grinnell® Trademark for their fire protection products. Engineered pipe supports formally sold by Grinnell are now manufactured, serviced, and sold by Anvil EPS.

Grinnell® is a registered trademark of Grinnell Corporation, a Tyco International Ltd. company.

Under the conditions of the sale, Tyco International retained the usage of the name “Grinnell.” This made it necessary to rename the company from Grinnell Supply Sales. One of the brands that we retained as part of the sale was “Anvil.” This name was already known within our customer base, and the name itself fit our image as a "solid, reliable manufacturer" so we adopted it for the entire operation. Anvil International still retains the rich history that dates back to the 1850s when Frederick Grinnell acquired the assets of the Providence Steam & Gas Pipe Co. (see timeline for more info.) Anvil continues to manufacture the same, superior quality products that the company made before Tyco sold it, including fittings, hangers, nipples, grooved piping products, valves, and pipe hangers and hardware for specific engineered applications. The same foundries and plants that manufactured these very products under the Grinnell name, now manufacture them under the Anvil name.

11. Where does Anvil source material from?

Anvil’s engineered products are wholly manufactured from raw materials at our North Kingstown, Rhode Island, engineering & manufacturing facility. Nearly all of our source materials are purchased domestically from our approved vendors. Our workers take great pride in producing the highest quality pipe supports available in the industry.

All materials in our ASME Section III certified products are sourced from ASME certified vendors, or qualified through our Commercial Grade Dedication program. All ASME materials are available with CMTR's.

12. What are the recommended maintenance intervals for springs, snubbers, etc?

Visual inspections of all engineered hangers are typically performed on an annual or bi-annual basis. Anvil EPS technical service engineers perform ASME B31.1 Appendix V and MSS-SP-58 Section 15 inspections. If you need help with an inspection, please contact our technical service engineers.

Engineering FAQs

1. What are Anvil's engineering capabilities?

Anvil's engineering capabilities include:

Hanger design
Piping analysis
Field Engineering
Re-design and retrofit of existing supports
Custom support designs

Our Octuple Variable Spring is just one example of a custom designed support.

Please visit out case studies page to see our many capabilities.

2. What is the standard product temperature range?

Anvil can supply pipe attachments for anything from cryogenic to ultra-supercritical applications. Anvil has supplied supports for a pipeline in Canada with freezing temperatures of -50F, and temperatures up to 1430F for a fuel-cell energy research project. Please refer to our catalog pages for temperature range; special temperatures are available upon request.

3. What if my load or temperature exceeds the catalog?

Anvil EPS can provide special designs to accommodate your specific requirements. We can supply products for cryogenic, fuel-cell, ultra-supercritical, and other industrial applications.

Anvil’s Product Engineering group is always ready to tackle your special design challenges.

Please view our Custom Fabrications.

4. Where can I find your DRS/LCD/LCDS?

For customers purchasing to ASME NF we have a standard package of Design Report Summaries (DRS) or Load Capacity Data Sheets (LCDS) for products requiring Canadian TSSA or ACI registration. We also have Load Capacity Data (LCD) sheets for NQA-1 products. Our standard DRS package is available for download here, for additional documentation please contact our QA department (401-886-3106)

5. Can my spring coils be supplied with a neoprene finish?

Anvil EPS standard coils are furnished with an electro-statically applied coating that has been proven through product testing to provide superior durability when compared to neoprene. Custom spring coil finishes are also available; please contact us with your specific requirements.

Technical FAQs

1. What kind of documentation can be included with my order?

Material Test Reports
Certified Material Test Reports
Certificate of Compliance
Certificate of Conformance
Certificate of Origin
History Docket
Pipe Support Drawings
Calibration and Functional Test Reports
Design Report Summaries
Load Capacity Data Sheets
Need something you don’t see here? Contact us, and also ask about our barcoding services.

2. What kind of CAD services do you supply?

Anvil can supply 2-D .dwg and .pdf AutoCad pipe support drawings. In addition, 3-D models of our products are available upon request.

3. Can you supply load scales in metric measurements?

Yes, Anvil’s engineered products are available with metric (N and mm) load scales.

4. What is the expected service life of your products?

While service life is dependent on the environmental conditions, it is common for Anvil’s supports to function properly for several decades.

Many Anvil supports have been in service since the 1950's and are still performing their intended function.

5. Do you offer on-site technical services?

Yes, Anvil offers 24/7 technical services. Please view our capabilities' here; and you can 'contact our hotline.

6. What products can be re-built/refurbished?

Anvil products are built to last and rarely require refurbishment, but if an unanticipated transient damages your supports, design changes require new loads and/or travel or after numerous years of service, you can have your supports returned to a factory new state. We offer refurbishment services on Constant Supports and Snubbers. Please contact Carlos Costa for more information.

7. Travel stop applications:

Variable Spring and Constant Support travel stops are designed to lock the hanger into the installed position for ease of erection and hydrostatic testing. They are designed to permit a hydrostatic test load of up to 2 times the normal operating load. For product specific travel stop instructions please see our documentation page. NOTE: Travel stops must be removed before start-up and are typically retained for future maintenance purposes.
Please contact us with any questions.

Manufacturing Capabilities

1. Are custom finishes available?

Anvil EPS can supply any color or finish to any surface for any custom requirement. Please contact us with any questions or paint requirements.

2. What are your custom manufacturing capabilities?

Our in-house manufacturing capabilities include metal cutting, hot and cold forming, precision machining, rod threading and bending, nondestructive evaluation, welding to ASME Section IX, shot and sand blasting, and painting.

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3. How will my material be packaged for shipment?

Anvil understands the importance of an efficient receipt & inspection once materials arrive at the jobsite. Unless ordered as ‘bulk’, Anvil EPS will provide pipe support assemblies that are assembled as far as practicable. Each assembly will be marked or tagged with its unique hanger identification number. When the size or length dictates that a pipe support assembly be packed in multiple containers, Anvil will ensure that all packaging is clearly marked. Bar coding is available upon request.

4. What are Anvil EPS’ welders’ qualifications?

Our welders and welding procedures are qualified in accordance with ASME Section IX.

5. What are your galvanizing specifications?

Anvil EPS hot-dip galvanizes to ASTM A123 and A153, pre-galvanizes to ASTM A653, and electroplate galvanizes per ASTM B633. Contact us if you have special requirements and we will develop a solution to meet your needs.

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