An Anvil International Company

Product Overview

Sway struts provide double acting restraining forces along the axis of the strut.

Service: Used to restrain movement of piping in one direction while allowing movement in the other two directions.

Finish: Painted or Galvanized

How to size:

(1) Select size consistent with max. load to be restrained.
(2) C to C is obtained by subtracting E and A from the distance from structural steel to center of pipe. Verify that the calculated C to C is within the min/max limits.

Installation: Shipped assembled. Securely fasten bracket to structure, make necessary adjustment in overall length, and fasten clamp to pipe.


  • Assembly provides a shorter C to C dimension.
  • Effective under either tensile or compressive force.
  • Self-aligning bushings permit ±5 misalignment or angular motion. Bushings are coated with a dry lubricant.