An Anvil International Company

Product Overview

Snubbers allow free thermal movement of piping and equipment during normal operation. When locked up by transient loads they provide resistance to movement, protecting your piping and equipment.

Service: For use on piping systems or equipment when unrestrained thermal movement must be allowed, but which must be restrained during impulsive or cyclic disturbance. The unit is not effective against low amplitude, high frequency movement. Use with standard settings to prevent destructive response to earthquakes, flow transients or wind load. Special settings are available to absorb the continuous thrust resulting from safety valve blow-off or pipe rupture.

Size Range: Two standard product lines (Fig. 200 or Fig. 3306) with load ratings from 350 to 128,000 pounds and strokes up to 20".

Finish: The Fig. 3306 cylinder unit is corrosion resistant salt bath nitrided. Fig. 200 is available with either salt bath nitrided, standard primer or corrosive resistant finish. Attachments are painted with semi gloss primer, Carboline CarboZinc or other.

Standard Settings:

The standard settings are: Locking (activation) velocity 8 ± 2 in/min. Bleed rate (post activation) at normal rated load 4 ± 1 in/min. (Special settings are available). The valves are calibrated at the factory within the tolerances indicated at room temperature. Locking velocity and bleed rate will vary with temperature. Testing has indicated that there is little effect of these changes on dynamic operation.


  • Valves are available as either temperature compensating or as adjustable
  • Available with pressurized, polycarbonate, or metal vented reservoirs
  • Continuous operation at 150° F with brief transients to 350° F
  • Factory calibrated valves
  • Rapid, positive valve closure
  • Special design minimizes the “lost motion” which results from the shifting and seating of piston seals
  • Unlocked resisting force is less than 17 1⁄2 pounds for sizes 1⁄4 and 1⁄2 Fig. 3306 and less than 2% of rated load for all other sizes
  • Stable non-flammable, long life hydraulic fluid
  • Self-aligning bushings permit ± 5° misalignment or angular motion. Bushings are coated with a dry lubricant.