An Anvil International Company

Product Overview

Our constant supports are the industry standard, providing reliable service for both big and small projects.

The exclusive geometric design of Anvil Model R Constant Support Hanger assures perfectly constant support through the entire deflection of the pipe load. This counter-balancing of the load and spring moments about the main pivot is obtained by the use of carefully designed compression type load springs, lever, and spring tension rods.

Finish: Standard finish; painted with semi gloss primer. Corrosion resistant; galvanized with coated coil or painted with CZ11 and coated coil.

Recommended Service: When piping stress is critical and pipe is subject to vertical movement in excess of 1⁄2" due to thermal expansion, and also at locations where it is necessary to avoid any transfer of stress from support or onto critical terminals or connecting equipment.

Approvals: WW-H-171E (Types 52, 58 and 59), ANSI/MSS SP-69 and MSS SP-58 (Types 54, 55 and 56).


  • Because of exclusive geometric design, mathematically perfect constancy of support is maintained throughout the full range of load adjustment.
  • Compactness – design provides smaller and more versatile units.
  • Increased load and travel capacity.
  • Each hanger is individually calibrated before shipment to support the exact load specified.
  • All model R constant supports have a wide range of load adjustability. No less than 10% of this adjustability is provided either side of the calibrated load.
  • White button marked “C” denotes cold setting of hanger; red button marked “H” denotes hot or operating setting.
  • Field load adjustment is made by turning the single load adjustment bolt.
  • Covered spring provides protection and good appearance.
  • J-rod swings at least 4° from vertical.
  • Non-resonant to all vertical vibrations.

Size Range: Anvil Model R constant support hangers are made in two basic designs, 80- V (vertical design) and 81-H (horizontal design). Combined, the 80-V and 81-H constant supports are made in nine different frame sizes and 110 spring sizes to accommodate travels from 1 1⁄2" to 20" and loads from 27 lbs to 87,500 lbs.