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What Is Anvil Forgeworx PRO™?

Anvil Forgeworx Pro is a parametric, rules based pipe-support assembly design tool. The web based application allows you to enter plant or piping design information, and the rules engine will return a suggested configuration of Anvil components. The suggest configuration can be downloaded as a 3D model, rendered into a 2D hanger sketch, or return a .xml/.csv bill of material. For configuration of hanger assemblies on a large scale, our batch import process allows you submit a job of dozens or thousands of hangers that will run remotely and notify you by email when the job is done. You can then download any outputs to your local environment.

  • 66 Anvil EPS figure numbers are available for use in design, including:
    • Rigid Rod hangers
    • Variable Spring hangers (Types A thru F)
    • Constant Supports (Types A thru F)
    • Rigid Struts
    • Hydraulic Snubbers
  • 22 existing and supplemental steel configurations can be added to your hanger assembly.
  • Project management hierarchy keeps configurations organized by project/pipeline/mark number.
  • 3D models can be downloaded as native Autodesk Inventor® .iam or generic .stp files.
    • .iam can be edited with any release of Autodesk Inventor® 2014 or later.
  • 2D sketch can be retrieved as an Autodesk Autocad .dwg.
    • To view the sketch, a free .dwg viewer is available from Autodesk. DWG TrueView® can be downloaded here. Must be release year 2014 or later.
    • Sketches can also be edited with any Autodesk Inventor® or Autocad product with a release date of 2014 or later.
  • Hangers can be created and configured on an individual assembly by assembly basis.
  • Use FASTForge technology to create dozens or thousands of assemblies in an automated batch process.
    • Populate the Anvil FASTForge .xlsx template and upload your project to Forgeworx.
    • Configure a batch job to run design rules remotely and be notified by email when the job is complete.
  • Tech support available over the phone or via screen share on MS Lync or GoToMeeting.

Watch the Forgeworx PRO Video:

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