An Anvil International Company


Continuing our legacy

Anvil’s history stretches back to the mid 1800's, when a company named Grinnell® began providing the finest quality pipe hangers and hardware. Even more important than the product going out the door were the men and women working hard every day to make it happen, and the customers receiving their solutions with a grin and a handshake. It's this devotion to customer satisfaction that sets us apart in the industry, because Anvil EPS is more than just a pipe product manufacturer, it's a way of life for hundreds of Americans.

Grinnell Corporation traces its origin back to the Providence Steam and Gas Pipe Company. Founded in 1850, the company's early products included water pipes used for heating with steam from Corliss steam engines. Frederick Grinnell purchased a controlling interest in the company and became its president in 1869. By the turn of the century, the company was consolidated with two others under the name of the General Fire Extinguisher Company. The succeeding years ushered in a period of tremendous growth, and created the need for a series of consolidations, restructuring, and reorganizing to effectively manage that growth. New divisions were created, including the Supply Sales Division, and manufacturing plants, warehouse facilities, and distribution systems were greatly expanded. By 1944 Grinnell had become so diversified that the name of the parent company, General Fire Extinguisher Company, was changed to Grinnell Corporation.

In 1969 Grinnell Corporation was acquired by International Telephone & Telegraph Co. (ITT). At that time Grinnell consisted of several divisions serving the broad fields of Fire Protection Division, which became Grinnell Fire Protection Systems Company, Inc. (GFPS), an independent company. Other Grinnell divisions remained a part of ITT.

In 1976, Tyco Laboratories of Exeter, NH purchased GFPS and, in 1986, acquired Grinnell Manufacturing and Supply Sales reuniting them with GFPS.

January 2017 Anvil International was purchased by private equity, OEP.

January 2019, Anvil acquired Basic-PSA out of Pennsylvania, along with Megawatt Machine Services out of New Jersey.

May 2019, Tailwind agrees to acquire Anvil International from OEP and combine it with Smith-Cooper International.

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