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Below is a list of copyrights for photos that may or may not be in our video.

Fotosearch copyright mentions for multiple projects including but not limited to internal art walls, promotional nonprofit video, webpage imagery, trade show booth display, etc.

(c) AndreyPopov
(c) karlstury
(c) Babar760
(c) LindaJ2
(c) dpurday
(c) bajita1111
(c) airphoto_gr
(c) phakimata
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Thank you to EKUSA for our Anvil EPS Lanyards.

Our 20x20 booth is by Greymark Designs

Image copyrights or from:

power generation:

petro chem:

solar page:

marine and defense --- emailed confirmation from 10/25/16:

nuclear is ours taken by Chris Garrison circa 2013

Thank you Don McRobert Design for our Nuclear News and Petro-chem ad's, October 2018.
And for our new Capabilities brochure, December 2018.
Anvil & Basic-PSA merger graphic, January 2019
Herolight design, June 2019
MegaWatt Commercial and Nuclear Catalogs, October 2019

DonMcRobert Design


August 2019, Megawatt Reverse Engineering video being done by:
Wicked Anderson